Fashion Photographer | based in Berlin

Her career started 2013 as a documentary photographer in the philippines, where she cooperated with the British author Thomas Graham for his book „The Genius of the Poor“.    Back in Germany, back in Berlin, she developed her fashion influenced style. Since then Miriams works have been featured in several Magazines, such as HUF, Dreamingless and OOB magazine. In 2016 she became Chief Editor of Incredible magazine, a Fashion photography focused print magazine.

Currently her career is shifting towards a political inspired fashion photography. Ranging from critical views on highfashion paired with animal activism (for Welt Vegan Magazin) to analysis of gender and cultural practices (for the group exhibition ‘Fluid Identities’).

Her works have been exhibited at European art festivals such as 48H Neukölln in Berlin / Germany and the Come with us Festival in Poland.

For Bookings & Requests please contact: info@miriamkolbe.com
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